10 reasons to link your software together!

Many companies use multiple different software, which can result in storing information separately. Most of the time these different software programs are not linked to each other, but do have similar data. This blog contains 10 reasons why it’s smart to link software together. The software can be linked through available APIs.


By linking software you can, for example, simplify salary and HR administration by deduplication of tasks. Why would you still manually enter the same hours worked in every single software program? By making software links, you improve and accelerate personnel processes, allowing you more time to perform other tasks.

Another example is linking planning software with software for time registration, in which the hours worked are also recorded. With this connection, you prevent people from spending a lot of time transferring hours to the planning software.

In short, in many companies, the hour registration is often entered manually in many different software programs. When you start with connecting software, you can work faster and more efficiently. Most companies use various software packages that work independently of each other. These packages therefore are not linked to each other, but do have shared data, which means that a lot of manual retyping has to be done. This causes a lot of annoyance, but also increases the chance of entering data incorrectly.

Does this mean you need to replace software?

Although we have a lot of experience in developing new software, our advice is not always to replace your old software. Most of the time we can easily connect the current (old) software programs and make them work together. This allows you to combine data and functionalities from different software packages in a single place.

Benefits of connected software

Connection allows you to work from one system in which you can manage all your information. The information is always up-to-date because different systems and data sources are connected. A software connection provides a lot of user-friendliness. Other benefits also include:

1. No more double entries

If you connect multiple software, you prevent data being processed multiple times because data is automatically exchanged between the different software packages.

2. Saves time

You save a lot of time by automatically exchanging data. Time that you can use for other tasks.

3. Reduces the chance of errors

If you manually enter data in fewer places and use an automatic exchange, you reduce the chance of making mistakes due to mismatched entered data.

4. Keeps data up-to-date

Another advantage of connecting your software is that data is also up-to-date. The data in the different software packages will be automatically updated and shared.

5. Secures data exchange

When connecting your software, data is automatically exchanged securely via a secure connection.

6. Is durable

You can link functioning applications with each other, and gather data that provides insight. Giving a solution that meets the needs that are needed to optimize the processes. The links are durable and prevent you from having to invest in other software .

7. Gives flexibility and freedom

Because you can connect different software, it offers flexibility and freedom in your choice of software. You can use your current software packages, but you can also opt for the latest software systems. Select from the best available software on the market. Even then, connecting software can still offer you many advantages. Most of the time one software package does not give the ideal solution, linking different software packages often results in the best solution for your organization.

8. Makes your organization scalable

Digitization ensures accelerated growth and by connecting software packages, this makes your organization ready for growth.

9. Supports customer oriented work

By connecting software programs, processes run more smoothly, and you can respond to opportunities quicker. Find and share your client information easier, for example, by linking a CRM system to your planning software, this supports customer-oriented work and enables quick follow-up.

10. Affordable and relatively fast solution

Many existing connections require small implementation and can be purchased on the basis of a monthly license fee. By using your current software packages, it becomes scalable and prevents an expensive investment like development costs for custom software. Developing custom software takes more time and is therefore often a major investment.

Make software connection

Most software packages can connect through the available APIs. In the event that there are no APIs available, it’s often still possible to make a software connection.

The abbreviation API stands for application programming interface and indicates that you can have software communicate with each other via connections. An API ensures that data can be exchanged between different software packages via a secure connection.
Through this layer, we ensure that the software packages can communicate with each other and read and write data. If you put a smart layer in between, you can link data from multiple software packages and exchange the data, but also enrich it. To achieve this, we use our software Apiify.io
Some practical applications of programs that you can link:

  • AWS Amazon web services
  • Big Query allows you to collect data from various sources
  • Carerix recruitmentplatform
  • CRM systems
  • Marketing programs,
  • Payment systems, such as Mollie, Adyen, Multisafepay, Afterpay, etc.
  • Administration and accounting programs, Exact, Reeleezee
  • Social media: Facebook, Twitter, Slack, Linkedin
  • ERP systems and logistics systems
  • Git lab for developers
  • Google docs
  • Google spreadsheets
  • OMS4business order management, planning and registrations
  • Pipedrive for Salesteams
  • Qlik Sense business intelligence
  • Redmine time registrations
  • Vovys telephony
  • Yoobi CRM website visitors

The possibilities are therefore endless and can be used for very diverse projects. Whether it is connecting business-critical application software or linking flight data to a website, everything is possible. There are a lot of API links available and with a little creativity you can link them together to make the best solution possible. Taking data through one API, sending it to the other and enriching it in order to ultimately end up with a data stream from multiple API links that you can use for all sorts of things.

In short, enough challenges and opportunities to digitize your organization or company in a smart way and to exchange and enrich data. Are you curious about what is possible within your organization? Please contact us and we will discuss the possibilities.

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