Toomba builds application platform Lelystad; 0320werkt

Toomba has developed a 0320werkt platform to match and link employers and employees. In this article we will discuss what the purpose of this platform is.


16 december 2019

Commissioned by Werkbedrijf Lelystad, we were asked to develop a platform where employers and employees come into contact with each other. The purpose of the platform is to match and link employees based on competencies and skills. 0320werkt stands for 0320 (the area code of Lelystad) and werkt means works so it’s actually Lelystad works!

Competences & skills

To ensure that there is a correct match between employer and employee, we have ensured that people can search and filter on specific principles such as the scope of employment, working environment, flexible workplaces, working indoors and outdoors, and working hours. In addition, it’s also possible to search for competences and characteristics so that it is clear whether someone is resistant to stress or eager to learn. All this makes it possible to make a good match.

Challenges during the project

The challenge is to realize the match and we have developed this platform for that. There are hard criteria that help determine the match. For example, think of someone who does not have a driver's license. In that case, no vacancies are required that require a driver's license. But the other way around, the vacancy may be shown if the employee has a driver's license but is not required for the position. Competencies such as creativity are also important and receive a different weighting. The application automatically calculates the percentage match based on the hard and soft competences and skills you have entered.

What have we developed?

A web application that ensures that the 0320werkt platform contains the necessary intelligence to make a match based on certain values. This value is entered by both employers and employees. The calculation of the match is made on the basis of a survey and calculated. The platform uses smart techniques and has a user-friendly management environment in which all data is managed and maintained securely.

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