Toomba will be visiting Web Summit in Lisbon


30 oktober 2019

Next week a fun and inspiring week awaits us at the Web Summit in Lisbon. We look forward to meeting new people and building some new relationships. And gain a lot of new inspiration through all sessions.

About the Web Summit

For years we’ve been going to this congress where especially many startups, investors and disruptors from the tech industry are coming. According to Forbes it is "The best technology conference in the world"

Around 70.000 people come from 160 different countries. There will be 1.200 speakers present this coming week. Guo Ping (Rotating chairman, Huawei), Brad Smith (President, Microsoft), Katherine Maher (CEO, Wikipedia), Werner Vogels (CTO, Amazon) & Michel Barnier (Chief Negotiator on Brexit, European Commission), among others.

On Monday Edward Snowden will address the audience from Russia via a live stream. He will go into detail about the real story that caused his life. Machine learning will also be discussed during the Web Summit. And for developers, there are sessions about, for example, FullSTK &

Edwina Dunn (CEO Starcount) will also talk about how you can use data to get into the head of your customer to give them what they really want. There are also a number of sessions about the Brexit ("Great Britain is better off Europe", and the other side "The EU after Brexit"). IKEA also tells about how they use data for their business.

In one of the sessions, they’ll be wondering if AI is actually that intelligent. And about the future in transport: there is already a prototype of a flying taxi car: how long will it take before we have flying cars, and is it really possible? And of course it's also about trust: how come people no longer trust the big tech companies? And the CMO of Burger King is also looking at marketing in 2020.

In short, lots and lots of interesting sessions that we have a hard time choosing between ourselves.

We look forward to meeting you

Are you also going to the Web Summit in Lisbon next week? We would like to get in touch with you. Maybe you are looking for a party to work with, or you just want to spar with a competitor. We notice that we always build nice new contacts at such a congress where new things flowed out. Do we see you there?

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