Why Business Intelligence (BI) needs Artificial intelligence (AI)

Your company generates an incredible amount of data, you can combine this data to gain valuable insights into, for example, your services and products, your customers, your staff and your internal processes. With Business Intelligence you combine as much data as possible from your company to gain important insights and make data-driven decisions. You can have an employee dig through the data to make analyzes and gain insights. With the power of Artificial Intelligence you can make connections that remain hidden for most people!

Why does BI need AI?

With AI you can quickly analyze large amounts of data and extract recommendations from it. You can see trends and gain new insights. The more data is available, the better the AI can understand and predict the data. If you use employees to analyze all data and investigate trends, it’ll cost you much more time (and money) than if you let it do it automatically using AI. This way, the BI will get much more value within your company.

The benefits of combining AI with BI include:

  • Understand larger amounts of data in a shorter time
  • Evaluate alternatives faster
  • Predicting potential results
  • Gain insight into risks and limitations
  • Give recommendations
  • Quickly analyze live data

AI will grow in upcoming years

AI and machine learning (ML) cause a major change in the data landscape. It will also have more and more influence on our lives, in a few years AI may even be able to predict that we will get sick! The expectation is that in the upcoming years AI will become available for many more companies. There will be more tools that even less technical companies can get started with.

In the upcoming years, predictive analytics (with the help of AI) will be used by many more companies. Different scenarios can be predicted with associated risks and limitations.

Still need experts

With the help of AI, data can, therefore, be analyzed faster, but that does not put the BI consultant or data analysts out of play! Expertise is still required to select, import and understand the correct data. And of course, ask the right questions. AI makes work a lot faster and more efficient!

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