Coldfusion migration specialist

We have delivered more than 200 customized projects where software has been developed on a Coldfusion and / or Lucee platform. As an Adobe Coldfusion Solution partner and Lucee board member, we can certainly help you further with migrating from a CFML environment.

Migrate Adobe Coldfusion to Lucee

Do you prefer an open source stack and do you want to save on Adobe Coldfusion licensing costs? Then migrate to the open source Lucee cfml engine. We offer our expertise in the role of developer, project manager and consultant and guide you during the migration or can fully organize the transition for you.

Migrate stack to Docker / Kubernetes

Move your code base to Docker / Kubernetes but you don't know where to start? We have extensive experience with the migration of hosting stacks to the Docker setup in combination with the container orchestration Kubernetes. Upgrade your application so that it is (horizontally) scalable. Stabilize the codebase and infrastructure settings in the development staging and production environments.

Why choose Toomba?

Almost 20 years of experience with ColdFusion and since 2015 we also use Lucee. We have also been a Lucee board member since 2016, with which we also have more influence on Lucee and its development. So super cool! And now we have developed many large and small projects at ColdFusion and have migrated many projects. In addition, we also have specialists in the field of online marketing, which is very easy!


More information about ColdFusion applications? Then contact us (Messenger, [email protected], 0320 - 280 327 or contact form, which you like!) And then we can see what we can do for each other.

Coldfusion Consultancy

Need help with your cmfl project? Do you want to make the codebase more modern and stable? We can help you with code reviews, (interim) coding and / or implement modern frameworks / tools such as COldbox, WireBox, CommandBox and Preside.


Reno Gijsbers

CCO / Business developer

Together we create beautiful projects.

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