Looking Back at CFCamp 2024: Collaborating on the Future of CFML

This year, CFCamp, held on June 13 and 14, 2024, in Germany, was once again a great success. There was a lot of activity and enthusiasm around CFML. The launch of the competitor BoxLang especially provided an extra boost in the energy and enthusiasm of the community. Everything was ignited, and it was wonderful to see.
There was a full program of sessions, workshops, and presentations covering a wide range of topics, from ColdFusion development to frameworks, tools, and best practices. Our colleagues Sander and Florindo enjoyed two days full of interesting sessions and meetings with other CFML professionals.

Highlights of CFCamp 2024

One of the highlights of CFCamp is the opportunity to see old acquaintances and make new contacts. A lot of insights and experiences are shared. Programmers from all over the world come together for this event, making it a truly global affair. Besides networking, there is a lot to learn. The keynotes and presentations provide a lot of new inspiration. There were many interesting sessions at CFCamp, including:

  • Apple Maps: An alternative to Google Maps.
  • BoxLang: The future of dynamic development.
  • CBDebugger: Debug your Box apps with ease.
  • Apache Cassandra and CFML: Data modeling, management, and storage.
  • Lucee 6 WebSockets: An introduction.
  • Alpine.js Workshop: Hands-on workshop.
  • CI/CD with Gitlab: Automating tests and builds.

Competition within CFML

With the arrival of the BoxLang competitor to ColdFusion and Lucee, you can see a lot of new energy in both to get back to work. Everything is ignited. We are very excited about the arrival of BoxLang, but also because it gives Lucee a boost to innovate.

Lucee Aims for Innovation

Lucee had a major presentation showcasing version 6.1 and sharing the roadmap for 6.2 and 7.0. The focus is on improving the language itself to ensure that users get the best possible experience with improved documentation, better implementation processes, and support for a wide range of frameworks.

The benefits of Lucee also became apparent. With an already large community, you can collaborate well and continue to develop actively. The Lucee team has indicated that they are working on many major improvements and innovations. This was well presented in several keynotes at CFCamp.

Community with New Energy

Since CFCamp is not just an event, but also a gathering of the CFML community, it often leads to new updates. Due to the new energy and enthusiasm during the event, many developers immediately started working on various projects and initiatives. One of the key points discussed during the event was that all major Lucee users will soon upgrade to Lucee 6. Toomba is currently still on version 5, but the transition to version 6 is an important step forward. Another noteworthy project was the move of the download server to a more stable environment. This was accomplished yesterday through the collaboration of eight people from five countries, with impressive speed and skill. Such a task would normally have taken Toomba five days to complete, highlighting the efficiency and cooperation within the community.

Successful Event

CFCamp 2024 was once again a successful event that further strengthened and inspired the ColdFusion community. Our colleagues Sander and Florindo had a great time. Two days full of interesting sessions and networking opportunities provided a fruitful and inspiring experience. It was also nice to see everyone from the Lucee team again. In short, CFCamp 2024 was a great success for Toomba. We learned a lot and made new contacts. We look forward to next year!

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