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ColdFusion (also called CFML) is a scripting language, running on top of Java, with which very advanced web applications can be developed. Toomba has been developing cfml in the programming language for over 15 years and we specialize in both Adobe Coldfusion and the open-source alternative Lucee. In cfml we can deliver applications faster (for example an API), it is safer and easier to integrate with other systems.

What is Coldfusion?

Adobe ColdFusion is an engine with which you can easily develop (web) applications in CFML. The greatest strength of ColdFusion is that it is very easy to learn and easy to work with. As a result, applications can be developed much faster than in alternative languages ​​such as PHP or .NET. Since ColdFusion was acquired by Adobe in 2005, the platform has also become enormously reliable

What is Lucee?

Lucee is the free counterpart of Adobe ColdFusion. It also uses the CFML language and therefore also has the associated benefits. In addition, Lucee uses fewer resources, making it often faster than Adobe. Lucee is used by Nasa, Allianz and Scientific American, among others.

Why choose Toomba?

Almost 20 years of experience with ColdFusion and since 2015 we also use Lucee. We have also been a Lucee board member since 2016, with which we also have more influence on Lucee and its development. So super cool! And now we have developed many large and small projects at ColdFusion. In addition, we also have specialists in the field of online marketing, which is very easy!


More information about ColdFusion applications? Then contact us (Messenger, [email protected], 0320 - 280 327 or contact form, which you like!) And then we can see what we can do for each other.

Benefits ColdFusion (CFML)

  • You can develop super fast
  • It is easy to learn and use
  • You can reuse elements (it is dynamic)
  • It runs on Java so you can benefit from that tooling


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