Toomba visited Cloud Expo 2022!

On December 7th, four colleagues from our team visited the Cloud Expo, an event with themes such as Data storage, Workstations, IoT, no-code solutions, DevOps, Hacking and of course Security. Our team was informed throughout the day about different types of cyberattacks on various parts. They came back super excited and inspired. By keeping up with the latest developments, we can make our services even more secure.

What is Cloud Expo?

The Cloud Expo is an event for IT professionals who deal with Cloud services. The Cloud is an important part of today’s IT strategy. During the event, the advantages and disadvantages of the Cloud were discussed and how to respond to the latest developments. There are several knowledge sessions in the Cloud Theaters every year, this time from Microsoft and AWS, among others.

Toomba at the Cloud Expo

We think the most interesting speaker was: Steven Vlastra from Symantec. He talked about the different methods how ransomware can still get in. He shared his experiences and what we can do to minimize ransomware attacks. If you think you have arranged everything properly, he will still give you that extra push to double-check everything when you get home.

Of course, we took a lot more information from this day. We found it particularly interesting which standards are used to detect vulnerabilities within IT. This is how we learned more about the different security standards within ‘NIST standard’ and ‘CIS controls version 8’.

We will quickly apply the tools and knowledge we have brought with us to new and existing Toomba projects.

Curious what we can do for your IT security? Send us a message.

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