Developing web applications

Developing a web application is a solution for improving or simplifying complex processes or unnecessary actions within your company. Is a lot of time spent every day on repetitive actions? Then a web application can be the right solution and reduce the workload.

Web application examples that we have developed:

  • booking system holiday homes
  • booking system camping places
  • rental system rental products
  • web application quotation request module
  • configurator for assembling roofs
  • configurator for assembling log cabins
  • configurator for assembling shutters
  • permits web application advice tool
  • web application meeting software

Developing web applications

The development of online software is a dynamic process and requires a clear approach and clear communication. Quality is paramount, but a pleasant working environment and building lasting relationships are just as important to us. At Toomba we have the right knowledge and experience to develop smart web application for large and small companies. With an ambitious and creative team we come up with a suitable solution for every project. We do not avoid challenges and this brings us not only a lot of pleasure but also the necessary inspiration for the development of various and innovative web applications.

How do we work

We like to delve deeper and start with a free intake interview. During this meeting we will discuss the idea, wishes, goals, functionalities, schedules and budget for developing the web application. Based on this conversation, we will discuss with our team how we could tackle this and we will make a summary with a questionnaire. In the second interview we go through the summary and questionnaire, so we get a clear picture of the request and we also see if there is a click with the customer. If there is a click, we will go further and make a quotation or budget to see if it also fits in terms of planning and budget.


Earn back web application build costs

In the preparation we inventory the technical and functional requirements for a first design of the web application. Designing a smart user interface requires close collaboration within the team and the customer, and in particular from the UI designer, in order to optimize design and ease of use. The translation between wish, purpose, UI / UX design and development ensures that the process is automated as optimally as possible. This with the aim that the processes are improved and the investment for developing the online software can be earned back as quickly as possible.


Development web application

Once the design and design have been approved, we will proceed to the next phase and start developing the application. The technical and functional requirements from the design determine the choice of programming language with which the web application can be developed. Our front-end developers and back-end developers are proficient in multiple techniques and languages, allowing us to create complex applications. Every web application requires a different approach and structure. Because we work component-based, it may be that existing design components can be reused. The advantage is that it is much more efficient and this ultimately saves additional development hours. Request an intake interview for your project simply and without obligation. We will then contact you to identify your wishes. Based on the intake we can provide you with good advice and a budget.

We are curious about the challenge, challenge us! Then contact us (Messenger, [email protected], 0320 - 280 327 or contact form, which you like!) And then we can see what we can do for each other.


UI and UX design of a web application

The design of an application is to translate complex issues and business processes into an understandable plan. The user-friendly interface is displayed in a simplified manner in a wireframe. When creating the interface, the web design is taken into account, to ensure that the web application is easily understandable and intuitive to use and matches the entire appearance.


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