Products that really help you!

In addition to our IT services, we have also developed a number of our own products. High Five Learning, our learning platform based on a cloud solution: Great for companies to encourage employees to keep learning. And Apiify, a cloud-based solution to easily link different software.

High Five Learning

How do you make learning fun and easy? By using our High Five Learning platform. The EdTech cloud solution High Five Learning helps companies to increase the Cyber ​​Awareness of its employees and thus reduce the risk of damage. Share knowledge and make use of the different learning and testing methodologies. Toomba also develops its own Cyber ​​Awareness course, test your knowledge yourself and start your Introduction to Cyber ​​Awareness for free.

Benefits of High Five Learning:

  • Keep your employees’ knowledge up-to-date
  • Create your own education, training, courses and test them
  • Motivate by performance-oriented learning
  • Incl. a marketplace for taking courses
  • Convenient tool for training and HR department
  • A complete Cyber ​​Awareness course with various modules

Apiify: Cloud-based solution to connect software.

Apiify makes it a lot easier to connect different cloud services. Allowing you to build various integrations without a developer. The possibilities are endless and Apiify can be used for very diverse connections. Work smarter and more efficiently thanks to this unique solution.

For example:

  • Link your accounting package with a CRM and/or ERP package
  • Link your website to an HR or recruitment software package
  • Retrieve data via multiple cloud services to process this in a mobile app or webshop.
  • The low-code is extremely suitable for breathing new life into legacy systems.