Custom software development

Toomba designs and develops unique complex websites and customized software solutions, using development tools and smart technologies.

Application management

We offer a complete unburdened application management in support, management and hosting. Stability and security of custom software solutions.

Mobile app development

Customized mobile applications and user-friendly for Android and IOS apps. When developing apps, we use standard components so that the lead time is shortened.

API development

Have your own api developed for your app, for use with cloud and or web application. With a specific, flexible or standard API link to be developed you can exchange the required information between different software systems.

The abbreviation API stands for Application Programming Interface. The API provides a link between various online software packages. This makes it possible to exchange, share and / or supplement information across the various packages.

Inventing and developing web applications

The development of web software is a creative process. Because when engineering software in advance it is not exactly clear how and what must be made, we compare the process with inventing a solution. When inventing something, it is never exactly clear beforehand what will come. When programming a new application, solutions must be devised for the problems that are encountered during development.

Development challenges

Despite the choice of many programming languages, methods, regulations and processes, the writing of code continues to consist of a large part of new solutions to be invented. That is why a high degree of flexibility is required when developing a design to code. We therefore adjust the working method accordingly by opting for an Agile approach. The freedom you want and need in this offers a number of advantages, but it certainly also makes it more difficult to implement a project properly and to keep it manageable. That is why our project managers take care of this process.