Visual identity

As an agency we offer to create the complete visual identity for our customers to support online success. This means not only that we focus on creating a digital product, but also all peripheral products such as logos, color schemes, design, typography, photography & copywriting. As an organization you want your identity to meet the expectations of your target group. It is important to meet these expectations to strengthen the brand as an organization.


Designing changes that integrate digital technologies to achieve business transformation. As an organization you ensure that the customer experience and interaction, with all the strategic choices around it, have a valuable impact on the digitization of your organization. Here the customer is central to the entire customer journey in order to realize valuable concepts. For example, we look at where we can pick up at that moment to innovate with digital products with the aim of strengthening the complete experience and connectedness as a customer.


As a creative & coding agency, we not only focus on the structure of the website, but we also like to include the complete visual identity in the design. That is why we also offer our partners improvements in the form of photography and copywriting that are made and written specifically for the users. With our complete service we can help our partners to take work off their hands and advise on areas where it is needed.