Design Thinking

Within the User Experience we use the Design Thinking method to solve strategic and in particular very complex problems. By using different methodologies, problems are defined based on human needs. Man is therefore always central here. To come up with a solution-oriented product, the needs of the user and client are always included. A solution that is of value for the company to be able to continue to develop and ultimately provides added value.

Further development

As indicated earlier, a digital product is never completely finished with technical delivery. After putting live, the feedback phase comes and data is collected that can be processed in the further development. In practice, this means that attention is always needed to maintain and further develop the product. It is a process that must be constantly followed in order to narrow the bridge between wishes and needs from the target group and the client. We divide the further development process into an iterative process that runs from 'thinking up' to 'designing' 'building' and 'growing'. During the further development process, new insights can be exposed that are important to incorporate into the digital end solution.


The strength of our office lies in offering a total solution and that is why we talk more about partners than customers. We focus on helping to make strategic choices that involve one digital challenge.

Within conducting research and working out a digital product, it is essential that the communication between choices and implementation is utilized in such a way that the partner is relieved within this process. Toomba also developed its knowledge within front-end and back-end developing to be able to offer high-quality solutions. That is why we also offer the following services.