A smart solution for every digital challenge

As a Digital Agency, we are committed to enhance the growth within your organization.
We specialize in digital innovation and are happy to work together on a suitable solution.

Customized websites

Not a standard solution, but a custom website that represents exactly what you need. After an extensive intake, we will get to work for you.

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Mobile app development

Are you looking for a design for a mobile app and a development agency that can develop it for you? Then contact us and let us inform you.

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Software development

When standard solutions are not sufficient enough, we bring you the solution by developing it ourselves. We automate processes, develop and link new software.

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Legacy transformations

Do your current systems limit you? Replace or modernize your systems so that they meet the (safety) requirements of our time. Have an intake and get a migration plan drawn up.

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Custom web applications

A solution for improving or simplifying complicated processes or unnecessary actions within your company. Think of web applications such as portals and platforms, this can provide many benefits.

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ColdFusion development

Toomba has 25 years of experience in CFML, specialized in both Adobe ColdFusion and  the open-source alternative Lucee. We can manage and modernize existing Coldfusion applications.

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How do we do all this?

Let’s take a leap forward and come and meet us. We are happy to share our experience and give you more insight during a conversation together in which we also determine whether there is a mutual click.

Tell us your story

With a conversation we can determine what your challenges are

As a Digital Agency we focus on designing and developing digital solutions that simplify daily work and support growth of our customers.

We start with an intake interview, so that we can properly translate the wishes and vision into a digital solution. No standard web design, but a user-friendly and conversion-oriented custom design. After this intake, our UX designers are happy to get started. 

We work on beautiful and conversion-oriented web applications. This means that in addition to the necessary empathy, web design and technology, we also focus on the customer experience of the end user.

From challenge to solution

By defining the challenge we make a plan with the solution

When devising the right solution, we look at the strategic side of feasibility and implementation. How are we going to approach the project and how many phases are we going to divide it into, taking into account budget and planning.

With a large (web) application, it is often chosen to work in phases, we do this by means of a ‘Minimum Viable Product’ (MVP) variant. We distinguish the ‘nice-to-haves’ from the ‘must haves’.

We offer a complete service. And consider our customers as partners that we are happy to help with making strategic choices for creating a digital solution.

Design and development

The team is assembled with the right people for the project.

Our development teams are supported by our project managers so that you are assured of the right approach. We translate objectives into a technical and functional design, user stories and wireframes. Ultimately, we design a suitable design and develop it into smart code.

By cooperating with professional text agencies, we can also provide the content. Relevant (and beautiful) content provides a good user experience, ensures the right representation and therefore ensures more conversion.

Going live and maintenance

A complete product with options for further development

We deliver a complete functional application or website, ready for you to get started with. Of course it is possible that during development and after going live, we have received all kinds of new insights and new ideas. That is why we are there for you even after delivery. Handy for further development and possible maintenance.

Working together with a personal approach
Our clients like to see us as partners with whom we build and maintain long-term relationships. By working together, we achieve the best results.

We use a personal approach with open communication and provide our customers with insight into the advantages and disadvantages of the chosen final solution. Working together to achieve the desired goals as they are the basis for building a long-term relationship.