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Toomba Ventures invests in innovative start-ups

You are a professional in your market with many years of experience. Now you have a brilliant idea for a software application and you want to conquer the market with it. Software development costs a lot of money and although you know a lot about the market and target group, you know little about software and software development. On top of this, software development is very expensive and you are looking for financing and a partner. This is where Toomba Ventures can be your partner.

With decades of experience developing web and phone software applications in various industries, we can provide starting entrepreneurs with all the tools to turn an idea into a thriving software application.


Collaboration and participation

At Toomba Ventures we are committed to guiding and setting up start-ups and the possibility of entering into a partnership. We invest by helping start-ups with innovative developments. Our team accelerates the development and help supervise the creation of the projects.

Bringing innovative ideas to reality

We are closely involved in the digitization of medium and large companies and see many new innovative initiatives emerging. It is often about certain services or processes that can be made in a smarter way with the aim of realizing cost savings. But also to make new services more accessible within certain target groups. We also experience that many of these new initiatives often get stuck because they do not get a foothold.

In practice, the project is complex and the solution becomes so large that it becomes a significant part of a company or requires its own existence. In many cases, it requires becoming a software company in its own right. We can then play a role in this and set up a form of partnership, so that we can guarantee the continuity of further development and bring the innovative idea into reality.


The Toomba team provides insights and shares knowledge through training, mentoring sessions and strategic support from our business consultants. The design and development team contributes to the technical realization and further development.

Toomba invests in the start-up and ensures that a team is available to accelerate the program. In exchange for the investments, we receive a share in the start-up.

Do you have an innovative idea and do you want to realize it?

Please contact us without obligation and schedule an introduction meeting. Of course, we treat the shared information with integrity and, if desired, we can draw up an NDA together. Together we create the most beautiful projects. Tell us your story!


Reno Gijsbers

CCO / Business developer

Together we create beautiful projects.

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