Website for specialist youth help De Rading

De Rading provides specialist youth care for 0-23 year olds and their families in the Central Netherlands. This often concerns complex parenting problems that they try to resolve with the people in their own environment, with the child and with the other professionals involved.

Services and technology

Design, development, Consultancy, WordPress CMS

Time for a new website

The website was very outdated and the visitors mainly had a problem finding content. Restructuring the content, improving the search engine optimization and modernizing the website were important points.

Existing theme modified

We have selected a theme that fits the wishes for the website and adapted it to the desired design. There was also close cooperation with the customer in filling the website.

Search engine optimization

One of the wishes was a more findable website. Because of this wish, we supported the customer in the process of choosing the right call-to-actions and what should be considered to make the content search engine friendly. The technology of the website is also search engine friendly, so that there is no obstacle anywhere.

The result

A website that contributes to the requirements of De Rading, but has certainly also become clearer and more complete for the visitor.

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