Networking app for entrepreneurs

Time doesn’t stand still and the world around us changes every day. As an entrepreneur you must be able to anticipate all digital changes. BedrijfskringLelystad wants to adapt to the times in order to create the best possible business climate for its members.

Services and technology

UX/UI design, development, consultancy, IOS, Android, Flutter

Network app for entrepreneurs

To strengthen the strength of the Bedrijfskring Lelystad (BKL) network and to be more in contact with each other, we were asked to develop a mobile app that can support this digitally.

An app to make networking easier

The application provides an overview of members, companies, participants and events that are connected. Stay informed through notifications and push messages. Quickly and easily read the latest news or simply sign up for a fun event. Take a look at the member directory, see who is participating or simply make connections via the built-in chat functionality.


By collecting data, learning and further development we can improve website performance. Using various software packages, implementing measurement points, and using our knowledge and skills, we learn a lot about visitors and how a website works. This allows us to focus on functions and make improvements where necessary.

Time frame

Google Analytics and Hotjar provide insight into how visitors arrive at your website, navigate and convert. This valuable information allows you to get the most out of your visitors. We can combine this information with Google Adwords advertisements and your online marketing automation. This way you get the maximum value from your marketing budget.

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