Software for control on technology, safety and quality

FPS Support software for process assurance. It converts existing structures and working methods to an application that offers control and gives overview.

Service and technology

Consultancy, UX-design, front and backend development, Flutter, Preside

The challenge

Developing an application that can be used to guarantee safety processes, delivery reliability, cost control and compliance with laws and regulations.

The application gives control

We have developed software that can be used in various industries where control on technology, safety and quality are an important part of managing buildings, for example. The application is user-friendly and offers a standardized solution for each specific (custom) request.

The result

The application and the application helps to lower the threshold to report it. Through periodic analyzes you know exactly which processes can be improved and thus can, for example, give an impulse to safety or reduce costs, make a note of it to express its expertise and offer service to its customer. In this way, the customer, technician and the control center are always aware of the costs.

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