Platform around positive health

WEL is the place for news, knowledge and information about positive health. This way WEL becomes the breeding ground of cooperation by everyone who is committed to the health of the inhabitants of Flevoland.

Services and technology

Design, development, project management,
Wordpress CMS

The challenge

CMO Flevoland commissioned us to launch the new platform “Wel in Flevoland”. To develop a user-friendly website in the short term that also makes it clear what Wel in Flevoland stands for.


We chose to build the website on a WordPress CMS. This user-friendly CMS was quickly put into use by the communication agency Fresh focus. This made it possible to jointly deliver this project before the deadline.

The result

For the new Wel in Flevoland initiative, we have developed a platform on which people can see what they stand for, according to which objectives and core values ​​they work. Success stories, blogs and current affairs are shared on the platform.

Smiliar cases