Attending the Wey Wey Web Event in Malaga

Last month, 4 of our Toomba members went to the Wey Wey Web event in Malaga. An event with a focus on UX/UI, product design and front-end development. An interesting event for us to keep up to date with the latest developments of the visual part of our industry.

About the event

Wey Wey Web is an event organized by the J On The Beach team with the support of Yes We Tech. It is a non-profit event, meaning all funds raised will be used for charitable purposes. This event features keynotes from world-class creators of technologies and speakers from leading companies sharing their best practices. The main topics that were covered in the event are; Web programming, JS Frameworks, Web design UX/UI, Product Design and Mobile development.

According to Wey Wey web:

“Wey Wey Web is all about different technologies, best practices, and methodologies related to Web development. No matter if you are into Javascript, PHP, Python, WASM, Java or C#. If you are dealing with the User Interface, then this is your place”

Our impression

It was the first year of the Wey Wey Web event. It’s a small event but the quality was very high. The speakers were very good and represented important companies, like Microsoft, Google, Meta and the Lego Group. And because of the smaller size of the event, it was easier to talk with the speakers and get more insights. You can check the whole lineup here. We’ve really enjoyed the event and the new knowledge we have gathered during our time there.

We specifically enjoyed the speaker Josephine Scholtes. Who gave us new insights on human centered and experience design. Luis Majano‘s live coding session on Alpine.js was particularly noteworthy, as he demonstrated how the modern, lightweight framework can be used as a powerful replacement for jQuery. We’ve learned a lot at this event, and all of us were intrigued by the UX developments regarding accessibility. It’s nice to learn how to bring a good online experience to people with disabilities.

We would like to thank the event sponsors Ortus Solutions, Corp, idealista Storyblok, and Freepik Company for their support. If you’re curious about what the event was like, you can check out this video to get an impression of the event.

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