Highlights from Digital Enterprise Show & CFCamp: An Event Recap

In June, there are always many interesting conferences, and as a digital agency, we are constantly curious about the latest developments. That’s why we attended two major conferences that we believe are worth mentioning: the Digital Enterprise Show in Malaga, Spain, and CFCamp in Munich, Germany.

We had a fantastic time at both events, attending numerous inspiring sessions and interesting presentations. There were also various workshops and networking opportunities where we had the chance to reconnect with many old acquaintances. The visits provided us with valuable insights that we are eager to put into practice.

Digital Enterprise Show: The Power of Digital Transformation

The Digital Enterprise Show (DES) showcased the latest trends and innovations in the field of digital transformation. As one of the most important events in the industry, DES offered an excellent opportunity to network with professionals and experts from various fields.

This major international event focused on knowledge exchange through inspiring lectures and fascinating panel discussions, providing insights into the possibilities and challenges of digital transformation.

The Digital Kit initiative, for which we are an official digital agent, was highlighted during the event. Additionally, there was significant attention directed towards IBM Watson AI services, with whom we collaborate as an IBM build partner.

Facts from the event:

The DES 2023 event was attended by 16,917 people, featuring 581 international speakers discussing technology, innovation, and digital transformation.
Our colleagues returned with great enthusiasm, expressing how much they enjoyed the sessions, workshops, and presentations. They learned a lot from the experience.

You can watch an impression of the first day of the event here:

CFCamp: Groundbreaking ColdFusion Conference

The following week, our colleagues flew to Munich, Germany, where Toomba attended CFCamp 2023, the ultimate conference for ColdFusion developers and enthusiasts. The event brought together the most talented professionals involved in the development of the ColdFusion programming language and frameworks. As a result, there were many workshops held the day before the event even started, allowing room for questions and discussions.

One of the highlights of CFCamp was reconnecting with familiar faces and catching up with everyone while sharing insights. Programmers from all over the world attended the conference.

The most significant moment was the presentation of the major release of Lucee 6.0, the open-source variant of ColdFusion, which garnered considerable attention from the community. As a Lucee board member, we were very excited about the official release.

Our colleague, Raul, found the workshop about Playwright, a framework for automated frontend testing, particularly interesting. He also mentioned that there were numerous new features for the Preside CMS that would be of interest to our customers using this CMS.

The presentations and workshops always inspire us and provide new ideas. We are updated on current developments, allowing us to further enhance our ColdFusion projects.

These events will be on our agenda again next year.

Both conferences were a tremendous success. By participating in DES, we stay informed about the latest trends and technologies in digital transformation, enabling us to better serve our customers. Additionally, attending CFCamp allows us to refine our expertise in ColdFusion, ensuring we specialize in developing advanced applications that meet the highest standards of performance and reliability.

As curious as we are, we eagerly await next year’s program.

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