Malaga, Europe’s Silicon Valley

The city where the tech industry is really booming right now! Malaga is a city that is known for the nice weather and is ​​located on the south coast of Spain. Thanks to this location, the city has excellent connections with other major cities. In addition, the Malaga International Airport is an important hub for air traffic between Europe and North Africa. An ideal location for business, and therefore also the location of our office in Spain. But in addition to Malaga’s convenient location, there are plenty of other reasons why the city is becoming more interesting for the tech industry.

Knowledge specialist in computer science

This city has an abundance of IT knowledge and has a number of strong universities, including the University of Málaga. This university has a number of specialist programs in the field of technology and computer science:

  • Bachelor in Computer Science Engineering: The curriculum includes topics such as programming languages, databases, software engineering, networking and security.
  • Bachelor in Informatics: This program focuses on the fundamentals of computer science, focusing on topics such as algorithms, data structures, programming languages, databases, and computer architecture.
  • Master in Computer Science Engineering: A degree that focuses on advanced topics in computer science such as data analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, cybersecurity, and big data.
  • Master in Informatics: Also a program that focuses on advanced topics in computer science such as software engineering, distributed systems, artificial intelligence, and complexity.

The University of Malaga also works closely with the Malaga tech park. The university and the park are happy to exchange research. In addition to the University of Malaga, there are plenty of other institutions in the city that offer computer science and technology degrees. These institutions have good reputations and certainly contribute to the (further) development of the tech sector in the city.

Technology innovation hubs

Innovation hubs offer entrepreneurs in the tech sector opportunities to work on new ideas and projects, network and collaborate with other professionals in the industry. In Malaga there is no shortage of these kinds of innovation hubs, and they have a focus on the development of technology and innovation. We mention a few that are very interesting:

  • Andalucía Open Future: This is an initiative of the regional government of Andalusia and Telefónica to stimulate innovation and entrepreneurship. The initiative includes several innovation hubs and coworking spaces in Malaga and other cities in the region.
  • El Cubo: This is a coworking space in Malaga that focuses on technology and entrepreneurship. It offers workspace, events and training for startups and entrepreneurs in the tech sector.
  • The Living Lab: This is an innovation hub focused on the development of smart cities and IoT technology. Located in the center of Málaga, it provides a platform for companies and startups to test and develop new technologies.
  • Málaga TechPark: This is a technology park in Malaga that offers space to companies and startups in the tech sector. The park has modern facilities and is located in a green area outside the city center.
  • La Farola: This is an innovation hub in the center of Malaga focused on the development of new technologies and digital solutions. It offers workspace, events and training for startups and entrepreneurs in the tech sector.

Government support

The regional government of Andalusia offers financial aid and other financing programs for startups and companies in the technology sector. In addition, the government has invested in the digitization of government services to support businesses and citizens. This includes, for example, providing online services and implementing new technologies to improve the efficiency of government services.

Companies and startups

Malaga is becoming more and more attractive when it comes to starting and digitizing your business. It is therefore not surprising that several technology companies and startups are based in Malaga, including big names such as Oracle, Ericsson, Accenture, and Huawei. These companies therefore strengthen the growth of the tech sector in the city and have a positive effect on employment and the economy.

Are you curious about our experience and approach? Or how we can help you with digitization? Please feel free to contact us. We have been based in Málaga for 6 years and would like to add you to our network and the innovative Dutch companies in Malaga.

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