Our Team Attended the Digital Enterprise Show in Malaga

It was a fantastic day for the team during the Digital Enterprise Show (DES). Florindo and Raul went to the event, focusing mainly on topics related to digital transformation, innovation, and trends. This year, there were many interesting keynotes to follow. The official stands of the City of Malaga and the Andalusian Digital Agency gave a local touch to this global event.

Expo with New Technologies

The expo was well attended, with notable companies in the AI industry such as Nvidia, Oracle, and IBM presenting the latest technologies. Additionally, there were many companies focused on business solutions like payment methods, customer management, and phone solutions. You could also take test drives at Tesla, which our colleagues obviously tried out. Moreover, there were companies like Bizum offering personalized sneakers for employees or customers.

Highlights of DES 2024

The #1 topic at DES 2024 was AI, and how to get started with it. Here are some of the interesting points from the sessions:

  • Identify the Right Use Case: To get the most out of AI, it is crucial to first identify the right opportunities for application. Whether it’s improving customer experiences, streamlining operations, or boosting sales, defining the right focus is essential.
  • AI Thrives on Data: Once you have decided what you want to improve and streamline, you can start assessing the quality and quantity of your data. Reliable, well-structured data forms the foundation of any successful AI project.
  • Start Small: Begin with a small-scale MVP project or function to validate the potential benefits of AI. This allows you to experiment and learn lessons without major risks.
  • The Right Team is 95% of Success: AI projects often require a multidisciplinary team. Try to combine the expertise of data scientists, engineers, and business analysts for maximum value. (By the way, we have all this expertise in-house. Our team specializes in both custom and standard solutions.)

Successful Event

DES 2024 was a great success with inspiring keynotes from global experts who provided insights into global trends, AI possibilities, and business strategies. The event attracted no less than 17,157 visitors, with 403 exhibiting companies and 592 international speakers presenting more than 300 hours of content. It was an enjoyable and interesting day, and the atmosphere was fantastic. We look back on a very successful event full of new insights and valuable contacts.


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