A guide to useful Design & Video AI tools

Sometimes there are so many options you don’t know where to start, currently there are a lot of upcoming AI tools. Earlier we wrote about the emergence of ChatGPT, this time we delve into which AI tools are useful for various processes within the (creative) business community.

AI tools for all your design work

Sometimes you lack inspiration, but it is also possible that you do not have a budget for a design team. This can be (partly) solved with AI tools. From the many available tools, we will name a few that are gaining a lot of attention. With these tools you can, for example, create images, optimize them or adjust them, for example; by removing a background. But they can also be used to develop a corporate identity or even be used for creating art.

Magic studio for image creation

The magic studio has almost everything when it comes to creating the perfect image. This tool now offers two free services, both for creating an image and editing it. With a subscription, you also have access to tools with which you can enlarge the images and create nice profile pictures. While the free version is limited, it’s a nice web graphics tool.

You can try out the tool at magicstudio.com, you will find the following options here:

Magic Imagine: Creates an image from a description

To create an image, you just need to give the tool a description and style. Based on how clear your description is, you will get the desired generated image. You can then give the image a square, portrait or landscape format.

After that, you also get the option to see images similar to your generated image. You can view the description of those images as well. You can use this as inspiration on how to generate the ultimate image. Check out our example:

Magic eraser: Removes elements from images

Sometimes you have one annoying error in your image. A finger in front of the lens or a jar that is just in the way. With the Magic eraser’, you can easily upload an image and erase the parts. The tool processes the concealed part so that it is nicely incorporated into the rest of the image. The limitation of the tool is that you cannot download the original quality of the photo without a subscription. An alternative to this function in the tool is another AI tool that focuses only on this function: Cleanup pictures.

Background eraser: Removes backgrounds

You may have a photo where the background is distracting, or you need the photo without a background (for a website, for example). With the background eraser you can remove the background of the image with one click. However, it is not possible to download the image in its original format without a subscription.

IMGlarger: Enhance your image

We all know the ‘enhancers’ in the Crime tv series, where suddenly the license plate of a car is immediately visible. With IMGlarger it almost becomes reality. It is a tool that can brighten up the pixelated image so that it can be used on all kinds of formats. With a free account, you get 8 credits to enlarge 8 images.

Try it out for yourself at imglarger.com.

Looka: Create your new corporate identity

If you need a (new) corporate identity, Looka is a handy tool. You can create a logo, along with the necessary business cards, stationery and other design elements.

You start by providing the company name and industry. A step follows in which you can indicate your preference between a number of example logos. Then a number of logos roll out. You can choose which one you like best. This is followed by adjustments and a complete brand kit for all your media and marketing communications.

Check it out for yourself at Looka.com.

Midjourney: AI Art

Visualize your creative ideas! The tool Midjourney is an AI generator for creating art like images based on short textual descriptions (prompts). The AI ​​tool generates beautiful images of very high quality and quickly became a big hit online. But it also gives input for a lot of discussion: what is art and what about copyright? For example, you can now view an AI work of art inspired by the painter Vermeer in the Mauritshuis museum. How will this develop in the future?

Try it yourself? Go to Midjourney.com and use it via Discord.

Useful video AI tools

Video is becoming increasingly important in marketing and other content strategies. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to continuously create new videos at a high pace. If this is your problem, these AI tools for video can help you out.

Synthesia: Create your own video

You might want to create videos quickly, but have no budget and no film equipment. The AI Tool Synthesia can help you out. It can create videos in different languages ​​with the right look and feel.

You start by choosing the type of video template that you can use for a: Sales Pitch, Training video, Marketing or a How-To video. Next, you can add the script of your video. You can choose and combine the language, voice and your ‘character’. And adjust the background, so that all the information and look and feel within your video is correct down to the last detail. An explanation video with Synthesia is ready in no time.

Take a look at examples on Synthesia.io.

Cleanvoice: Improve your audio files

Have you ever recorded audio yourself, but it’s not quite how you want it? There is a suitable AI tool for this. With Cleanvoice you can get all the background noise removed from your audio. Parts such as “Uhhmm”, stutter, clicks and other disturbances are also removed from your file within a few clicks. Ideal for a podcast or a voice-over for a video.

The tool works for multiple languages ​​and accents, and edits the audio sounding naturally. If you often say “uhh”, the tool cuts it out. But it doesn’t just drop a silent piece into your audio. The tool makes sure it sounds all natural, just like a professional edit.

Do you want to try it yourself? You can do this via Cleanvoice.ai.

These were some AI tools examples that can help you with creative processes and work more efficiently. Find many more on Future Tools and AItoolslist.io.

We are curious about your own experiences with AI. Would you like to talk more about the possibilities of improving business processes with AI? Contact us and make an appointment. We love to hear from you.

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