Better website through UX

Health center Kerngezond with locations in Lelystad, Mijdrecht and Zeist. With more than 30 employees and several healthcare providers, we work together to get and keep your health as good as possible.

Services and technology

UX research and design

New website

KernGezond came up with the request to build a new website. To ensure our customer gets value from their investment, we started researching their current audience. What kind of improvements can help with the KernGezond patient experience to get more loyal patients?

The challenge

Due to the growth of the company, there was a need to develop a new website. Practice showed that improvement was needed in the user-friendliness and information provision for both the customers and the physiotherapists.

Research into visitor behavior

During the behavioral research, the interactions between the user and the website are measured during. In this way, by observing the behavior of the user, we can start making assumptions. With these assumptions, more focused research has been done into the experience a patient has with a physiotherapy practice.

Customer Journey Mapping

Customer journey mapping shows us how a customer interacts with a company during the appointment and patient process. During this mapping it was clear to see that there are two key moments where improvements could be made.

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