Working from home and being aware of the cyber risks

There are many advantages to working from home, for example you have room for growth without enlarging an office, you save (travel) costs, it is better for the environment (less traveling), it gives a good image and is good for the motivation of the employees. But there are also a number of points of attention associated with working from home; one of them is cyber security. How do you keep (sensitive) company data safe while working from home? And how do you make working from home a success within your company? We give you some tips.


What you can do as an organization for working from home safely:

When it comes to equipment and office accessories, a lot can often be arranged from within the organization. But it is also good to look at the security of the hardware and software. Cyber ​​security and cyber awareness are more important than ever with the arrival of working from home. Some topics to consider:

  • A selection in software that is on the business laptop can help for a safer digital work environment. Especially look at the following; is it updated often enough, is data stored locally or in a European server and is there an option for secure access through a login page.
  • Offering a VPN ensures that all online traffic is encrypted. A VPN can also cause the IP address of employees to change, making it possible to limit authority to your systems by means of an IP address.
  • The use of a password management system, so login details are shared between colleagues and customers in a secure manner. Keep work and personal passwords separate, and create a policy.
  • Offering cyber awareness courses can certainly offer a solution for cyber security. Most cyber attacks are made possible by human ignorance. High Five Learning offers a 5-part course with the must-have information to make your entire team cyber aware.


How to work at home with your team:

Staff motivation is very important in order to maintain cyber awareness and therefore cyber security. You have to do it together! The absence of your team while working from home can lead to some obstacles. Good organization for your tasks and communication with your colleagues are very important. Fortunately, there are also a number of handy solutions for this:

  • Project management tools help organize tasks. You can keep an eye on what your colleagues are doing and what is expected of you. It can provide a solution for good work planning.
  • Online meeting tools enable teamwork while working from home. Call each other for some tips and tricks about the work, or just for a nice chat.
  • Take enough breaks and possibly work with the pomodoro method. It has been shown in various studies that you are often more productive if you take short breaks between shorter tasks more often. A walk at lunchtime also ensures that you literally distance yourself from your work, so that you are completely ready for it after the break.
  • A good workplace also helps with the quality of working from home. Keep in mind that this will affect your health. Good posture while working is important for muscles, joints and also your blood circulation. Furthermore, it is best to have your home workplace in a separate room: so you can literally close it off after working hours, and that is good for your mental health


Coherence of a working at home policy and Cyber ​​Security

A policy for working from home provides a coherence and explanation of all these (and more) above components. Providing a safer working (at home) environment can remove a lot of cyber risks. Don’t know where to start? High Five Learning has loads of information that gives you and your company the tools for a cyber secure work environment. Please contact Patrick (call +31 618421926  or email to discuss your options.

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