Your software subscriptions in complete control with Cledara

Sometimes we can get overwhelmed by the number of software tools that we use as businesses. Office 365, Google Workspace, Slack, Zendesk, Salesforce, Notion, Adobe, Mailchimp, Buffer, Zoom and so on. Especially since we working more and more from home, the number of apps used has grown explosively. The majority of these apps are SaaS (Software as a Service), which means that there is a subscription attached to each piece of software. Inevitably, but for IT and finance departments, this growing number of subscriptions is becoming difficult to manage. The result: chaos and inefficiency. And that’s exactly what you want to prevent as a growing company. At Toomba we also had this problem and with Cledara ( we found the solution. With this system you can see at one glance which software subscriptions are running, who uses them, how much they are used, what they cost and when they need to be renewed.

Avoid unnecessary frustrations and money leaks

As a digital agency, we make full use of the latest software tools and apps. For our own work and because we advise and inspire our customers about all kinds of digital solutions. You already understood: that it was quite a bit of struggle with all those different SaaS subscriptions. Because some employees use different tools, the subscriptions are purchased or renewed in different ways, the invoices are sent by email or are collected automatically, the administration is less clear, subscriptions are forgotten to cancel, etc. To prevent money from leaking and to spare our employees unnecessary frustration, we looked for a solution.

From chaos to overview

On our search for a better overview we discovered Cledara. Cledara is an innovative platform that works with digital credit cards. As a company, you can see at one glance which software subscriptions are running, who uses them, how much they are used, what they cost and when they need to be renewed. This is fully automatic. Cledara even suggests which apps are useful to purchase for an even better workflow. This eliminates chaos and inefficiency, because with the clear dashboard you always have an up-to-date overview and therefore control over all your subscriptions.

Secure virtual credit cards

Within Cledara each subscription gets its own virtual credit card. Clear and also much safer because your credit card information does not end up anywhere, like what happens when you pay with a regular company credit card. For each virtual credit card you can set an amount limitation which Cledara can automatically spend. Cledara can extract invoices from e-mails and automatically link them within your dashboard. This way you always have an up-to-date insight of the costs and usage of all your software tools. It is also very easy to cancel subscriptions that you no longer use: you set the subscription as ‘inactive’ and you’re done. No more hassle with cancellations or reminders.

For bigger and small companies

You would expect Cledara to be especially useful for large companies, but the opposite is true. Small companies in particular use many different software subscriptions and they have a smaller or often no IT- or large administration department to manage them. With a system like Cledara, small or medium-sized companies can make significant efficiency gains and save money. Especially since Cledara uses a smart system of rewards and discounts to ensure that you can earn back costs quickly.

Save and revenue model

A advantage of Cledara is the saving and revenue model. Via Cledara you get a 2% discount on every new SaaS subscription you purchase, as well as 1% on services such as cloud hosting and online advertising. This way you can get cashback on your software subscriptions. Therefore it is  certainly worthwhile to see what you can save and gain with Cledara. At Toomba, we like to share the digital innovations we encounter, so that you can also benefit from this with your company. We see Cledara as an opportunity to make your company administrate software subscriptions more efficiently, more clearly and faster. As it works perfectly for us!

Interested in Cledara? Check out and contact us for a discount on your account (valid until September 30, 2022).

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