Development and maintenance of pension portals

NN Investment Partners is a broad financial services provider for asset needs, asset formation and asset protection. Through active asset management and sustainable solutions, they create value for their clients and society as a whole.

Services and technology

Development, consultancy, ColdFusion

The challenge

Commissioned by NN Investment Partners, Toomba has developed the ‘My Pension’ and ‘Essentie pensioen’ portals for both the participants and the pension funds. The aim was to make it possible for participants to gain online insight into their pension portfolio and to be able to manage it. In addition, it is also possible for the pension fund to view and manage data of all participants.

Complete control over your own portfolio

The participant has full control over his own portfolio via ‘My Pension’. In addition, his knowledge of investing is tested. Based on this, a profile is rolled out, so that the customer knows how he/she can invest in his/her pension. The pension fund has insight into all its participants and can manage them and open or close accounts. During this assignment, Toomba was able to make great use of its knowledge and experience for developing applications in the financial services industry.

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