Vacancy platform and knowledge base

Volunteer Center LelystadDoet! is part of Welfare Lelystad. The vacancy and knowledge base platform offers all residents of Lelystad a place where volunteering and knowledge can be found within certain branches.

Services and technology

UX design services, Front- and backend development, consultancy

The challenge

The municipality of Lelystad has a very high percentage of volunteers compared to the number of inhabitants. We were commissioned to develop a platform where all these volunteers and organizations are able to come together. Where non-profit social organizations, foundations or associations in Lelystad can register for free.

The solution

The design and construction of a very extensive volunteering platform where everything runs digitally without major intervention from employees. Within the platform, all aspects of recruitment and selection, offering work, finding work, offering knowledge and training come together. Information about how Lelystad has organized and handles volunteer work can also be found.


The platform shows that volunteering is more than just giving care and that it can be very interesting for young people, for example, because volunteering makes a valuable contribution to our society.

The result

The platform has brought efficiency to LelystadDoet’s work processes, and now people are able to achieve more results faster and with less manual work, which is a great development that also benefits volunteers and organizations.

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